P Events is a 20 Year Old Family Owned Business Structured On Providing Events to Support the Automotive and Music Lifestyle.    Shows Promoted Successfully:

  • RiverRod 
  • LuckenRod
  • BattleRod
  • Meltdown
  • LITT Shows 
  • Showoff
  • ASTROROD* Coming Soon

Short Cameo in Discovery Channel's Fast N Loud Gas Monkey: LST Show Presentation 2016

We are based in Central Texas; however have done shows in New Braunfels, Austin, San Antonio, Rio Grande Valley, Katy and Houston Texas.

Dude in Charge; Sometimes:  JP

VP of Such and Such : Dylan (What time is lunch?)  

Chief of Everything AKA "BOSS" : Betty (HI! Let's HUG!) 

VP of Customer Sales & Order Operations & Family Shoe Game: Bethany (Bro, don't step on my shoes!) 

VP of Cuteness:  Johnnie Presley, "I Run This World"

Left Hand Brother: Eric (King of Cucamonga)

Associate Left Hand: Angelica (Eric!)

Head of Security : " Bruh, Don't Mess With Me" - Tim (seriously)

Director of People: Scott (Shitty) "I hate people"

Deputy Director of People: Gena "I'm a delicate F*!Kn Flower"

Director of Spectator Operations:  Brenna (Not Today Karen...)

Director of Flow of Traffic: Danny (Hey kids want to see a light show?)

Associate Director of Flow of Traffic: Jonathan (just here so I don't stay home)

Associate Director of Registration: Janelle (HI!)